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Educational Offer

Two courses are active on the Mantua Campus: the degree course in Architectural Design and the master's degree course in Architectural Design and History .

Admission Procedures: Test

To enroll in the first year of the three-year degree course at the Mantua campus it is necessary to take a compulsory admission test. The test may be taken by students who have already graduated.

All information on the test (application procedure, how to take it, test contents, test examples) is available in the How to enter section of the Poliorientami website .


Orientation Services

  • Open WEEK

An orientation and information day dedicated to students and families who wish to get in touch with the university reality of the Mantua Pole and learn more about the educational offer and services provided on the premises.

  • Participation in orientation fairs

Series of meetings within the exhibition spaces where schools and universities meet with students to provide them with the best possible orientation on their future (Job&Orienta in Verona in November, etc.).

  • Individual interviews

Orientation interviews to provide students with the tools they need to face the choice of university pathway (Information on the services offered by the Pole; Information on the characteristics and structure of study courses, timetables (lessons, exams, etc.), job opportunities; Delivery of guides and information brochures).


Guidance information desk

Hours: in presence Mondays from 09.30 to 12.30

Remotely, by appointment, on Teams Tuesday to Friday 09.30 to 12.30 

For appointments write to


The Mantua territorial pole promotes a series of actions aimed at already enrolled students to

  • facilitate the transition from school to university.
  • encourage the learning process through the acquisition of a customized study method,tackling those obstacles that prevent them from successfully passing university examinations.

The actions planned are:

  • Welcome meetings for freshers.
  • School-university transition meetings.
  • Educational tutoring.
  • Guidance counselling desk.

For information on services write to


To orient and support students and graduates in the transition from their studies to the world of work, the Cluster offers a range of services:

  • Job orientation meetings.
  • Job and internship notice board.


The notice board is a showcase of job and internship offers reported to the Cluster by companies and professional firms.

  • Activate an extracurricular internship Info.
  • Graduate employment.

The surveys carried out are:

1.           EMPLOYMENT: 1-year employment data.

2.           MARKET: summary analysis of job offers received via the Career Service portal in 2021

  • State examinations

To be able to practice the profession corresponding to one's degree, the regulations in force envisage the passing of a State Examination aimed at obtaining authorization to practice.