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The Mantova Campus of Politecnico di Milano provides students with some study spaces at the "A" building and the " Casa Gialla"

- The student space on the second floor near classroom A.1.8 and the study room adjacent to the library are accessible during Campus opening hours.

- The study room on the second floor of the " Casa Gialla" (Via Scarsellini, 2) is accessible Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can access the spaces using your PoliCard Ateneo+ card. In addition, there is a chest of drawers where students can deposit and pick up free of charge reusable materials from the discard of maquette making (e.g.: cardboard, plexiglass ...).

All classrooms and study rooms are equipped with cutting mats to be used compulsorily during the making maquette to preserve the tabletops.

In the corridors of classrooms A.1.1, A.1.4, A.1.5 and in the study room of the "Casa Gialla”, lockers are available for students to store study materials; regulations and information for use are available here.

All Campus spaces are equipped with the University wi-fi network; for use click HERE

For frequent access to the network with high performance needs, choose permanent connection to the network. Configure the permanent connection with certificate HERE