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Sport and culture



Polimi Sport Mantova was born from the desire to offer a wide range of services to the Mantova Campus’ students.

PolimiSport's first mission is to disseminate sporting activity, offering courses and services that are compatible with the required study aptitudes of university courses. Any proposal presented to the member must necessarily be based on a very low cost profile and when possible also free of charge. Polimi Sport Mantova offers its students many opportunities to play sports at affiliated sports centres. In addition to this, membership allows you to participate in the sporting activities that Polimi Sport provides. Discover the world of POLIMI SPORT!

The Politecnico di Milano has stipulated an agreement with the Energym gym in Mantova for students and staff of the University. It is possible to access the gym with a  Subscription Mantova - Gym of €60. All information is available at the dedicated website



Mantova Campus organises and hosts cultural events such as exhibitions, events and conferences.

The identity event of the Mantova Campus is MANTOVARCHITETTURA. A cultural project realised with exhibitions, lectures and workshops in which the great protagonists of contemporary architecture participate. MANTOVARCHITETTURA is an international event held in the monumental sites of the city of Mantova.

Visit the dedicated websit of MANTOVARCHITETTURA